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Briefly discussed in our Practice Area section, here are additional details and considerations if you indeed know, or even suspect, that you are under an Arizona crime investigation:

  • Immediately contact Laboy Law criminal attorney in Phoenix.
  • The U.S. Constitution grants you the right to remain silent. REMAIN SILENT. Do not discuss the facts of your case with ANYONE before contacting our firm.
  • Do not participate in an interview with law enforcement investigators.
  • Do not apologize IN ANY form to the alleged victim without first consulting our defense team.
  • Be aware of the “confrontation call.” This may be a call, email, social media posting, or a text from the victim or someone associated with the victim asking you to discuss the matter. The victim may even say: “All I want is an apology. That would help me move on. Apologize and I will forget everything.” It may seem tempting. However, more often than not, that call is being audiotaped, or that communication is being monitored by detectives. Any apology or statement can then be used against your or considered a confession.

An example of a pre-file Arizona crime investigation may be a complaint lodged with police against you by a person who may incorrectly believe that you have committed a serious drug offense. Investigators may take this information and possibly launch surveillance, wire taps, undercover contact, and begin accessing your telephone and text messages. If you become aware of any such investigation, but charges have yet to be filed, you must act immediately to attempt the blocking of such charges or begin assembling a strong defense with the help of your criminal defense team.

Laboy Law criminal attorney in Phoenix may conduct employer and neighbor interviews, track down witnesses in your favor, gather exculpatory information like work or cell records, for example, if such documents prove that you could not have been involved in the offenses alleged against you. We may also seek to conduct pre-file correspondence with the prosecutor’s charging section or request to offer testimony at any State Grand Jury proceeding. The goal is to build defenses early so that we may convince authorities to a) not file the charges at all, or b) mitigate those charges to the least serious offenses possible.

Once the State gathers sufficient evidence to establish probable cause in the absence of pre-file defenses, an arrest can be made or an indictment filed against you which may lead to an arrest warrant.

It is crucial to your future and the strength of your defense case to hire a criminal attorney in Phoenix immediately upon even suspecting that you may be under an Arizona crime investigation.

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