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Being arrested for a criminal offense in Arizona can be an incredibly frightening and emotionally upsetting experience. It is also one that can take a tremendous toll on your life personally and professionally, not to mention the lives of your family, friends and loved ones. If you are facing any kind of criminal charges, you need to know how the law works, what your rights are, and how to navigate the potentially tumultuous waters that lie ahead.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges at the state or federal level, you need an experienced, reputable Phoenix criminal defense attorney with many years of experience successfully defending criminal cases and DUI charges of all severities. You should also retain a Phoenix criminal defense attorney who diligently fights to make sure your rights are being upheld throughout every phase of the legal process. Look no further than Laboy Law.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer areas of Practice

Laboy Law is an Arizona criminal defense lawyer team that provides a diverse array of clientele of all backgrounds with aggressively focused legal assistance for misdemeanor and felony crimes including:

Laboy Law also provides our clients with experienced, aggressive focused legal assistance for:

  • Probation and community supervision (or what used to be called “parole”)
  • Program violations
  • Appellate Court processes including Rule 32 Post Conviction Relief
  • Commutation of Sentence hearings

Regardless of how severe the charges you face appear to be, our Phoenix criminal defense attorney team will ensure you receive a fair trial, and we will make sure you receive the best defense possible within the boundaries of state and federal law. Teaming with Laboy Law gives you the confidence of knowing you are being defended by the most committed, proficient legal team in the Grand Canyon state.

Trust Laboy Law with Your Criminal Defense in Arizona

Led by veteran defense attorney Julio Laboy, Laboy Law’s highly experienced legal team includes a group of established legal professionals who are committed to fighting for your rights throughout all phases of the legal process. Because our goal is making sure you receive a fair trial, due process, and representation that provides every possible chance for success, we are fully dedicated to defending you from start to finish. Contact us today to schedule a private telephone or office consultation so we can discuss your short and long term goals and strategies. After all, the outcome of your case is too critical to your future to not have the best criminal defense in Arizona by your side. Call us today at 602-777-3368.

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Laboy Law is Amazing!

Nothing gets you more scared straight than a pending criminal case and I can tell you first hand that these things happen to even the best of people. As most people, I never thought I would be arrested, charged, and in need of an attorney, I thought that was just for the bad guys. Needless to say, I found myself in this position and by the grace of God I found Laboy Law Firm. They took my case, they battled, I mean they really fought for me, and in the end I was found not guilty with all charges dropped. I can’t say more amazing things about these guys, but I can tell you this…. Call them first!


Best Decision Ever!

I was referred to Laboy Law by a friend. Right away there was something different right than what I got from other attorneys. Instead of throwing prices at me and scaring me into what to do next, they listened to my case to find out all of the details, gave me advice and information on how it would evolve and what I was potentially looking at in terms of penalties, and finally decided if they were a right fit for me. Really, they wanted to genuinely know if they were the best fit for me in terms of representation. I hired them and the rest is history. Best Decision Ever!


A Very Personal Experience

I was facing multiple felonies and needed an attorney to fight for me and my freedom. For my family and myself, I couldn’t afford jail time. I called a few attorneys to gauge my situation and what to expect. I scheduled a few meetings and was ready for the worst. My first meeting was with Laboy Law and I am glad to say it was my last! I felt 100% confident hiring them and knew they were going to be my best bet to get great results. My case was settled, all felonies reduced, no jail time, and an outcome I couldn’t have dreamed of. I highly recommend Laboy Law!


This man cares!

Mr. Laboy took over as my attorney weeks before my original trial date. At the time I had a plea offer that I had just rejected for 3 years. When Mr. Laboy took over the offer went up to 4 years. He rescheduled the trial and also scheduled a settlement conference giving him and myself an opportunity to address the prosecutor and commissioner. Without giving too many details, he really went to bat for me! When the conference began the 4 years was the only thing on the table and the prosecutor was sounding very skeptical about getting the 3 year option back on the table. Long story short, before I could make it home, I received a phone call from Mr. Laboy and there was now a new offer of 18 months!!! Need I say more?


The most genuine team!!

My most heartfelt thank you to Laboy & Associates. Such an amazing team. I had legal issues in July and didn’t know what to do. I was contacted by their office that same day I sent an email through another lawyer finder website. I was so shaken over the incident, that it was such a relief to have that phone call and speak with someone who actually listened and put my mind at ease before coming into the office. I am very fortunate for the genuine concern for me and the hard work him and his team did for me. I hope no future incident occurs, but if so Laboy & Associates are on my speed dial and who I refer to friends or family. I really appreciate all their professionalism, handwork, communication via phone and text, time, and patience in advocating for me and getting results. My family is truly grateful, as am I- thank you for giving me my life back!!!


Amazing Criminal Defense Lawyer

I got myself into a really bad situation for my background. Not knowing anything I had gotten myself into, Mr Laboy put my mind at ease. Help me move from city criminal court to veterans court which I didn’t even know was out there. He helped me every inch of the way, was direct and never had any misinformation for me. He got me better results that even he predicted and I couldn’t be happier so that I can move forward with my life. Thank you Mr Laboy. I highly recommend him to friends and family and would know he would greatly benefit anyone who hires him. He was more than an attorney, he felt like family who cared about his clients.