Sex Offender Status

Arizona Sex Offender Guidelines

If you are found guilty of many different types of sex crimes in Arizona, you will be court ordered to register as a sex offender. According to the Arizona Revised Statutes, there are 21 convictions that result in sex offender status. They are:

1. Unlawful imprisonment if the victim is under 18 years of age
2. Kidnapping if the victim is under 18 years of age
3. Sexual abuse if the victim is under 18 years of age
4. Sexual conduct with a minor
5. Sexual assault
6. Sexual assault of a spouse
7. Molestation of a child
8. Continuous sexual abuse of a child
9. Taking a child for the purpose of prostitution
10. Child prostitution
11. Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor
12. Sexual exploitation of a minor
13. Luring a minor for sexual exploitation
14. Aggravated luring a minor for sexual exploitation
15. Unlawful age misrepresentation for the purpose of committing a sexual offense
16. Sex trafficking of a minor
17. A second or subsequent violation of indecent exposure to a person under 15 years of age
18. A second or subsequent violation of public sexual indecency to a minor under the age of 15
19. A third or subsequent violation of indecent exposure
20. A third or subsequent violation of public sexual indecency
21. Violations relating to the failure to register as a sex offender

What is the Purpose of Registering as a Sex Offender?

The purpose of the sex offender registry is to track anyone who has constituted a danger to others due to committing any of the actions listed above. The goal of the registry is to prevent future sexual offenses from occurring. The sex offender registry takes tacit steps to help alert citizens to sex offenders residing in their areas, including:

  • Sending out notices to all residents in a specific geographic area when a sex offender moves to that area, and providing them with details about the sex offender including name, address, a photo and contextual information about the crime(s) the person was convicted of

Who else is Required to Register as a Sex Offender in Arizona?

In addition to anyone who has been convicted in an Arizona court of any of the 21 above offenses, people who are required to register as sex offenders in Arizona include:

  • Anyone who was convicted of an offense in another jurisdiction, so state or country that, if committed in Arizona, would be a violation, or attempted violation in Arizona as well
  • A convicted felon with sexual motivation, and for whom a judge decides to add sex offender status to their record

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The sex offender registration process can be very confusing. It is also very strict, and failure to adhere to timelines and deadlines regarding the registration and updating processes can result in very harsh penalties. These include being re-incarcerated and fined heavily. If you need to obtain any legal guidance whatsoever about the Arizona Sex Offender Registry, contact sex crimes attorney Phoenix Laboy Law for your private, no obligation consultation at 602-777-3368.

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