Sheri Castillo

Laboy Law Team Member Sheri Castillo

Laboy Law team member Sheri CastilloSheri Castillo is the owner and founder of On Your Side Mitigation. Ms. Castillo began her criminal justice career in 1995 when she began working as a Surveillance Officer with Maricopa County Adult Probation. She later went on to work as a Youth Corrections Officer for Arizona Juvenile Corrections and as an Inmate Classification Counselor for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. After nearly 10 years working on the side of law enforcement, Ms. Castillo went to work as a paralegal in criminal defense law where she remained for 14 years before starting On Your Side Mitigation. Ms. Castillo has a B.S. degree from A.S.U. in Criminal Justice, and two Master’s degrees from Grand Canyon University in Criminal Justice and Addiction Counseling.