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Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer Julio Laboy

Passion, energy, intellect and the willingness to help others…this is Attorney Julio Laboy.

Laboy Law team member and lead attorney Julio LaboyBorn and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Arizona criminal defense lawyer Julio Laboy is a bilingual Phoenix-based criminal defense trial lawyer and legal analyst. He has dedicated his entire legal career to fighting for the rights of those under Grand Jury, Federal, State, and City police investigations. This includes people of all backgrounds who have been formally charged of crimes from murder, sexual assault, and illegal control of an enterprise to organized crime, drug trafficking, and aggravated assault.

Julio brings a uniquely broad spectrum of experience and trial work to bear when defending clients in courtrooms throughout the entire State of Arizona. Julio’s experience as a former Maricopa County felony prosecutor, civil arbitrator, current Judge Pro Tem, and criminal defense attorney with 13 years experience shines a light on his ability to efficiently and persuasively maneuver through courtroom procedure. He is a fighter. He gets results.

Julio loves to litigate. He loves a passionate argument and everyone associated with Laboy Law Office has no problem with “putting the fighting gloves on” for our clients. Maybe it’s because Julio has always been a fighter. Or, maybe it has something to do with where he was born, successfully fighting to escape Brooklyn’s mean streets. Julio knows what it means to be an underdog — and how to overcome it. Julio and Laboy Law Office will go to bat for you with that same drive and energy.

If you are under investigation or facing criminal charges in Arizona contact Julio Laboy and his team at Laboy Law Office immediately. Julio will manage the development and movement of your case from initial strategy meetings to contacting experts and exhausting document review and research.

Julio’s Educational and Professional Background

Julio earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Journalism from Brooklyn College, which TIME Magazine then so aptly labeled “The Poor Man’s Harvard.” Additionally, he holds a Master of Arts in Mass Communications from California State University, Fullerton where he graduated at the top of his class. Julio was also selected the student commencement speaker for the University’s School of Communication.

Julio then attended The College of Law at Arizona State University. He graduated law school early — a difficult task — and focused on Criminal Justice. Julio also earned a Certificate in Indian Law as a member of ASU’s Indian Law Program and served as a clerk to the Navajo Nation Supreme Court. He was selected the student commencement speaker for ASU law school’s very first Winter Graduation Ceremony in 2002. He is proud to have been a commencement speaker at two different major universities in two different states.

Julio’s legal experience includes representing “Team ASU Law” during national-level trial competitions and being selected the Law School’s commencement speaker. He is also a former auxiliary New York City Police Officer and New York State Certified Emergency Medical Technician, rescuing and treating dozens of people in mass-casualty, multi-trauma events from commercial airline crashes and active shooter situations, to search & rescue missions and evacuations. Julio operates with urgency, professionalism, and speed while under pressure and time constraints, having succeeded under such conditions as a lawyer, EMT, investigative journalist, auxiliary police officer, and nationally ranked competitor.

Julio’s Legal Experience

Julio has prevailed in jury trials from Maricopa to Mohave Counties before 12 and 8-member jury panels. His criminal defense clients have included a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier commander, doctors, lawyers, police officers, nurses, laborers, bounty hunters, and teachers to name just a few. Julio has successfully negotiated thousands of criminal settlements; argued dozens of pretrial motions; and has successfully prevailed at the Grand Jury, Pre-trial, and Trial levels.

Julio loves going to bat for the underdog, especially when the media has rushed to judgment assuming a client’s guilt. Laboy Law Office has no problem setting up a press conference if it helps a client. Julio knows criminal law from the newsroom to both sides of the courtroom. Furthermore, he has assembled an incredible team of preferred private investigators and experts with sub specialties in surveillance, witness location, document review, blood stain and spatter analysis, cell phone tower records, forensic interviewing, and DNA analysis.

Julio has managed defense teams in high-profile media criminal matters. This includes being a minority representing a white supremacist in a first-degree murder case, and fighting for and winning the case of a father accused of raping his daughter for nearly ten years. Julio and his team worked side-by-side with investigators, consultants, and experts in crime lab analysis, medicine, and pediatrics to gain positive results. He has also used recorded interviews and other techniques to locate witnesses and gather exculpatory evidence.

Julio and his team are accessible to their clients using technology from web based file access to text messaging. Julio recognizes that many clients are under enormous stress, anxiety, and time constraints. Additionally, the consequences for some clients are dire and require immediate intervention. Julio has the training, knowledge, and life experience to assist you! He has helped thousands of clients during a career dedicated to the service of others, which spans more than a decade. Julio has the ability to manage a defense whether it sees him investigating a matter at night in the alleys of Phoenix to attending an executive board meeting; this flexibility and range is rare. Let it work for you.

Julio’s Personal and Career Highlights

  • Former award-winning reporter: NY Newsday & The Wall Street Journal.
  • Graduated top of the Masters Class
  • Law School Commencement Speaker at ASU
  • National Moot Court Competitor
  • Former Felony Prosecutor
  • Successful business owner
  • Auxiliary Police Officer
  • Judge Pro Tem
  • NY State EMT
  • Trained as a fighter (Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Boxing, & NCAA Div. I Wrestling)

Arizona Defense Lawyer Julio Laboy’s Press Credits

Arizona defense lawyer Julio’s legal experience, education, and previous career as an award-winning staff writer for The Wall Street Journal, New York Newsday, and The New York Times Company speaks to a well trained and highly motivated lawyer with top-notch communication skills. These skills help Julio be both persuasive and effective in the courtroom.

Julio’s success in and out of the courtroom earned him national recognition a multitude of times. He has appeared on Hannity on Fox, CNN Headline News, Good Morning Arizona, AM/FM Radio, and in newspapers around the country offering legal commentary, analysis, and opinion.

Julio on Hannity

Julio on Headline News

Julio on Good Morning Arizona