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Laboy Law Phoenix criminal attorney law firm is ready to help you. A top team of defense professionals is on standby to discreetly represent any client needing help from pending Grand Jury proceedings to homicide charges and every criminal matter in between. When a client needs our help, we respond – and quickly. Preferred experts in ballistics, forensic interviewing, mitigation specialists, investigations, witness location, blood spatter analysis, cell tower mapping and more are already in place to hit the ground running should you be under investigation or charged with a criminal offense anywhere in Arizona. We take a team approach and provide personal and private representation.

With 14 years of experience in Arizona criminal defense litigation, our firm of legal administrators, assistants, preferred experts (and a lead attorney who has tried cases both as a felony prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney) is highly qualified to mobilize, adjust, adapt, and execute any defense. We take your criminal defense to the next level. Attorney Julio Laboy has tried many cases from homicide and sex assault cases to drug possession and DUI matters. A former Maricopa County prosecutor, experienced arbitrator, and Superior Court Judge pro Tem, Mr. Laboy has trial and case victories in armed robbery, drug possession, drug sales, aggravated assault, domestic violence, and sex assault cases, even being offered a dismissal of homicide charges in a gang-related murder requiring a life sentence.

The State of Arizona, along with its municipalities, calls on a seemingly endless amount of tax-funded resources (criminalists, scientists, DNA experts, wire taps, etc.) when prosecuting you. Mr. Laboy and his Phoenix criminal attorney team recognize the importance of fighting back in your defense and holding the State’s feet to the fire.

You are innocent until proven guilty and we take that presumption seriously. This is why it is of critical importance to engage our firm when charged with a criminal offense. Fight back; the consequences may be severe otherwise. Criminal convictions can end with probation grants including many rules, terms, and conditions; jail or prison time; loss of government resources; loss of financial aid; loss of employment; and harm to both your family and your reputation. Police officers, prosecutors, and State investigators frequently make mistakes and “get it wrong.” Our firm will help analyze your case and help you fight back.

Contact our office now at 602-777-3368 to schedule an initial strategy session and consultation. Thank you for considering Laboy Law Phoenix criminal attorney law firm.

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